Carnival XIV is online

Contributed on Apr 13, 2014

New edition of Carnival is finally online!

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Event Organization Manual

Contributed on Mar 23, 2014

Event Organization Manual is online!

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Call for New ISHA Officials!

Contributed on Feb 26, 2014

ISHA needs you! During the Annual Conference in Budapest, the ISHA General Assembly will elect the new Officials for the 2014-15 academic year.

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Vice, Violence and Crime: Conspicuous Aspects of Human Society

Contributed on Sep 19, 2013

ISHA Helsinki cordially invites you to their event: “workshops, both thematical and chronological will discuss various aspects of the history of violence and crime. There will be room for about 40 participants and we wish to attract history students also from other Nordic Countries and hopefully so spread the word of ISHA.  We hope that you are not scared by the darkness and coldness of Finland’s capital in winter, but take it as an experience. If you want to know what Finland is all about, winter is the time to come here! We will also introduce you to the unique elements of the Finnish student life, for example the academic dinner party, also known as “sitsit”. We are all looking forward to seeing you all and have a change to enter the New Year the best way imaginable – the ISHA way! With love, Tiia + ISHA Helsinki board 2013. ”

The New Year’s Seminar 2013-14, will take place in Helsinki, Finland between December 29th – January 4th, under the title “Vice, Violence and Crime: Conspicuous Aspects of Human Society”.

There are 50 places available and the participation fee is 100€. Applications start Monday 30th September (00:01) and end: Sunday 4th October (23:59), GMT +1.

More information will soon be available on their website.


Call for Applications: "Places and Space" - ISHA Summer Seminar

Contributed on Apr 19, 2013

“Historical Places and Space in History: Turning Public Historical Sites into Participant-activated Workshops”

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