Conference 2010

Place: Helsinki, Finland
Organiser: ISHA Helsinki
Date: Apr 05, 2010 - Apr 11, 2010
Topic: "Integration Throughout History"

Welcome to the web site of the ISHA-Helsinki Conference 2010:Integration Throughout History 5.4.2010-11.4.2010

The section of ISHA-Helsinki has the honour to organise the annual ISHA Conference of 2010. Students of history and related sciences from all over the globe are welcome to take part in the Conference. The topic is Integration Throughout Historyand the Conference will take place in the city centre of Helsinki from the 5th of April to the 11th of April 2010. We expect approximately one hundred students to meet up in a warm and friendly atmosphere to discuss and learn about integration in history.

History knows numerous examples of how people have come together and become integrated for various reasons and with various results. Therefore it is easy to see how integration is constantly present almost everywhere when one examines the past. It is also something that is constantly present in our day to day lives, although we do not necessarily acknowledge it.

The actual term “integration” has many depictions in dictionaries. One cannot give it a simple or easily approachable description. This is also true when one examines integration throughout history. Although political integration, such as the current process of European integration, is one of the most commonly visible forms of integration, we cannot, and should not settle for it. When one takes a historical perspective on integration, one must be prepared to examine this phenomenon from various points of view.

Therefore this Annual ISHA Conference is taking a broad look on integration, its various causes, processes and outcomes throughout history. This examination is taking place in different workshops that will approach the main point, from various standpoints and with the common aim of widening our understanding of the role of integration in history.

Added to the basic core program of the Conference, on the 6th of April there will also be a  round table discussion related to the project ‘Connecting Europe through History’, which is done in cooperation with EUROCLIO (Association of European Educators) and EUROPAEUM (an association of leading universities). During this meeting we will discuss the theme of the Conference as well as the joint project with history teachers from Finland.

Please keep an eye on this web site because all relevant information will be published here and the pages will evolve with time.

International Students of History Association is an international, mostly Europe -based network for students of history and related sciences. ISHA-Helsinki is a local section of ISHA international.  For more information about ISHA, please take a look at Useful links.

Conference 2010